Thursday, July 12, 2012

How Can Someone In Prison Get A Document Notarized?

In Louisiana, any person whose signature is notarized must appear in person before the notary.  Since an incarcerated person cannot visit a notary’s office, a family member or friend must employ the services of a mobile notary in order to visit the incarceration facility.

Prisons have specific visiting hours, and all visits must be approved beforehand by prison officials.  There are also specific procedures unique to each facility that the notary must follow before being granted permission to visit a prisoner.
If you need a notary to visit someone in prison to notarize a document, it is a good idea to have that person also sign a Power of Attorney form during the visit.  A Power of Attorney allows the incarcerated person to authorize someone on the outside to sign documents and act in certain matters on his behalf for the duration of his incarceration.  This can provide great peace of mind for family members, and can eliminate delay in matters requiring the incarcerated person's attention. Once the person is released from prison, the Power of Attorney can be revoked.

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